Be Size 28 And Fashionable


With over one in five people in the Western world considered to be overweight, designers have been forced to start styling clothes for larger sizes (size 28). Fashionable large size clothes are becoming more available but there is still have a long way to go!

Due largely to influence lead by the media and catwalk fashion, the High Street mainly caters for sizes 10 to 16 maximum. Larger size women have hardly been considered at all. Fashion experts Trinny and Susannah, in a recent TV programme, attempted to find stylish clothing for larger size ladies. They looked at High Street stores, such as Gap, Debenhams, and Marks and Spencer’s, but found it almost impossible to find trendy, fashionable outfits for women in size 18 plus. Any clothing they found tended to be baggy, smock style tops in drab colours and frumpy styles. There was nowhere near the range of stylish, reasonably priced clothing which could be chosen by their slimmer sisters.

The main High Street store catering especially for larger sized women is Evans, who retail clothes in sizes up to 32. Their winter season range features smart, stylish trousers, skirts and tops which flatter the larger figure. They stock everything from work wear to classic, stylish outfits which would look great for the evenings. Marks and Spencer and Debenhams stock fashionable clothes in larger sizes, but don’t seem to stock enough outfits and they are soon bought from the rails.

Mail order catalogues, such as Littlewoods and Freemans also have large ranges of clothing for plus size ladies. And larger clothing can be bought online from retailers such as Fiftyplus, Marisota and Simply Be.

As people are increasing in weight larger size clothing is becoming more fashionable. More and more women are choosing to have breast augmentation to increase the size of their breasts. It’s important though to consider which type of clothing suits your particular figure. Starting with correctly fitted bra and underwear, it’s best to try on several different outfits to see which look good. Take a friend who will give honest opinions. Smartly tailored trousers with a neatly fitted shirt or top will always appear more stylish and fashionable than clinging leggings and smocky tent top.

When choosing a dress remember that horizontal stripes are more slimming than vertical, which can widen the larger figure. Never wear tightly fitting belts at the waist, a fitted shirt is much more stylish and flattering. Brighter colours can look great but it’s important to wear contrasting accessories.

Although ultra-thin models and celebrities, such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Keira Knightley are still dominating the pages of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and other glossy magazines, larger ladies are beginning to get a look in. Wearing the right clothes, size 28 women can be seen to be both fashionable and smart.

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    size 28?

    nothing against “larger women”. But size 28 is NOT NORMAL.
    and yes, fully marginalise, stores, please.

    (by the way, it’s Marks and SpenceR)

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